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2. (with with) at the identical velocity or rhythm. They marched in time With all the songs. op maat van بِنَفْس السُّرْعَه، حَسَب سُرْعَة синхронизирано a compasso (com) v rytmu im Takt i takt συγχρονισμένα al compás/ritmo de taktis موزون rytmissä en mesure בְּקֶצֶב ताल के अनुसार या साथ po taktu, u ritmu tartja az ütemet seirama í takt a tempo (~に)合わせて 박자를 맞추어 į taktą taktī; ritmā mengikut rentak op de maat i taktrówno موزون a compasso (com) în ritm ритмично v rytme v ritmu u ritmu i takt ตามให้ทัน aynı/uygun tempoyla 合拍子 ритмічно ايک رفتار سے cùng nhịp 合拍子

React only with a particular information (to examine if it’s a true man or woman or a person who sends destructive links)

Select Raya.) In the event you go this route, prepare to be Googled and judged. Rendering it past their screening process isn't any easy feat (unless you come about for being a minor celeb, you’re planning to will need some luck!), but selective element is usually a significant moreover, because you know Everybody else within the app went with the exact factor. One of the simplest ways in? According to their website, obtain someone who is previously within the app to invite you.

Some customers have noted connectivity issues (a recent Android update does appear to have dealt with these)

3. a digital camera that records the exact time of your party it really is photographing by exposing a moving sensitized plate on the tracing of a thin beam of light synchronized With all the function.

الزَّمَنالوَقْت المُخَصَّصالوَقْت المُناسِبالوَقْت، السّاعَهساعَة، فَتْرَه، عَهْد، وَقْت

u2nite is super speedy to start out employing. Just listing your nickname, age, and top, therefore you’re good to go. The app will quickly counsel a safe, neutral spot to meet similar to a cafe or a bar. Neither your physical position, nor any own facts stored to the cell phone will be accessed or transmitted because of the application, which supplies you great peace of mind.

an instrument for measuring time by the managed stream of h2o or mercury by way of a smaller opening.

This app understands that age is an element, and because of that it divides people up into two groups: young gurus (forty and under) and gurus (forty and up). Not surprisingly, you are able to decide to get your profile seen to matches in both classes—age is just a selection, after all—but it surely’s nice to are aware that the application has strategies to cater to specific age teams.

forty four. (Songs, other) hold time to observe accurately the accent or rhythmic pulse of a piece of music in relation to tempo

They might also use an exploit package, but because most use dating apps on cell equipment, That is considerably more challenging. As soon as the goal is compromised, the attacker can try to hijack extra machines Together with the endgame of accessing the sufferer’s professional daily life as well as their company’s network.

3. To regulate making sure that a force is applied or an motion takes place at the desired time: timed his swing in order to strike the ball squarely.

Whilst it can be used for possibly function, it’s possibly the most effective application for locating a short-term, informal romance. It’s informal adequate to contend with Pure, although not official more than enough to compete with the likes of CMB.

→ Zeit file; how time flies! → wie die Zeit vergeht!; only time will explain to irrespective of whether … → es muss sich erst herausstellen, ob …; it will take time to do that → das erfordert or braucht (seine) Zeit; to get (a person’s) time (more than anything) → sich (dat) → (bei etw) Zeit lassen; it took me all my time to complete → ich bin gerade noch fertig geworden; in (the program of) time → mit der Zeit; in (close to or under) no time → im Nu, im Handumdrehen; at this (present) level or moment in time → zu diesem or zum gegenwärtigen Zeitpunkt; to have a wide range of/no time for somebody/anything → viel/keine Zeit fileür jdn/etw haben; (fig: = be for/in opposition to) → viel/nichts fileür jdn/etw übrighaben; to search out time (for any person/a thing) → Zeit (für jdn/etw) finden; to make time (for any individual/some thing) → sich (dat) → Zeit (für jdn/etw) nehmen; time is on our side → die Zeit arbeitet für uns; he shed no time in telling her → er verlor keine Zeit und sagte es ihr sofort; there is absolutely no time to get rid of → es gibt keine Zeit (mehr) zu verlieren; my time is my own → ich kann frei über meine Zeit verfügen; in or offered time → mit der Zeit; in one’s very own/the corporation’s time → in or während der Freizeit/Arbeitszeit; don’t rush, get it done in your very own time → nur dating divas keine Hast, tun Sie es, wie Sie es können; time is dollars (prov) → Zeit ist Geld (prov); time and tide look forward to no gentleman (Prov) → das Rad der Zeit hält niemand auf (Prov); for quite a while previous → seit einiger Zeit; I don’t understand what she’s declaring fifty percent the time (inf) → meistens verstehe ich gar nicht, was sie sagt; in two months’ time → in zwei Wochen; for just a time → eine Zeit lang; not just before time (Brit) → das wurde auch (langsam) Zeit; to try and do time (inf, in prison) → sitzen (inf); to make time with anyone (dated esp US inf: = have sex with) → es mit jdm treiben (inf) ?

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